Cross Road
Leon Lopez
12 min
First aired

Review by PATP Admin

Cross Road is Liverpool Pride’s nomination for Iris Prize 2016 Best of British Short Film Award chosen by our jury and screened during our Short Film Night in June. This is the first time Liverpool Pride has partnered with a major international festival and the whole process was very exciting.w

The film is a powerful exploration of masculinity. Lopez originally created it as part of his film production studies as a vehicle for learning more about sound design, and its true, the sound in the film is a major reason it is so gripping and  memorable.

Focussing on one man, the film follows him as he makes up his mind what to do in the wake of an event that could change his life and lives around him forever. It would be giving too much away to say more than that, but the observation of one man’s emotional turmoil always rings true.

Note: there is strong suggested violence within the film, but nothing gratuitous.


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