Can’t Stop The Music
Can't Stop The Music
Nancy Walker
124 min
First aired
Start Date
18 Dec 2017
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We’re ending  our brilliant year of film at Picturehouse@FACT with a complete camp classic. Throw good taste out of the window and join us for a glittery Christmas treat.

Although based on the story of 1970’s gay icons The Village People, any relation to actual fact is purely coincidental!

Once called THE worst film ever made by the founder of the Golden Raspberry Awards, its a joy to behold for all lovers of the outrageous. In fact it was the first winner of the Raspberries in a double bill with Olivia Newton John vehicle Xanadu so you can tell what level of taste-car-crash were talking.

Still, its Christmas and we want to party, so don the most outrageous thing you can find and come on down for a disco-themed get-together. We’ll have a fab playlist from Jon Larkin and other surprises up our sleeves.

Season’s Greetings to everyone

PS Trivia Note: Steve Guttenberg of Three Men & A Baby and Police Academy fame plays Jack Morrell in the film….